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Homer Simpson and the "American Dream"

Homer Simpson

When talking about making "American Dreams" come true, you should mention Homer Simpson.

He was born in a "old time" family living on a farm. His father was glad with things he got. Wishes or dreams his son Homer had were equal for him. Actually he thought that dreaming is only a way to waste your time instead of working hard to overcome. In fact Homer didn't work hard. When he was young, he was watching TV or drinking beer with Colleges Friends like Barney Gumble. He only met people you were Failures as he was. But without a Atom physics diploma he reached a great job in the Springfield Power Plant as the safety supervisor.

He made his personal version of the "American Dream" come true. He got marriaged with a great wife named Marge. They got a son named Bart and moved from a Backyard quarter of Springfield to their own beautiful house in a great Residential area. There they got first a very intelligently daughter named Lisa and later another daughter named Maggie. With this "perfect family" outward, a big house with garden, a dear-worth mother, a hard working father and two pets, they are a perfect family for all, who are still dreaming this "American Dream".

Although Homer isn't famous he got many things, other peole didn't reach in her life or only with hard work. He was meeting a lot of great people. George Bush was living next door, he was on tour with the "Smashing Pumpkins" and Bill Clinton was in the same Environmental protection group as he. He traveled to the moon and back and was Springfields best Snow circular scraper with his private agency named "Mr. Plow".

Homer has many friends, in fact all people in Springfield like him. Of course you should mention his buddies in Moe's Tavern and his coworkers at the Power Plant. But he have many friends in the neighbourhood, too. Even Ned Flanders, that religious guy, who isn't often keen on Homer's ideas, but he tries the best to understand Homer and not to rev up. Homer got only one enemy in the past, which he saw in Frank Grimes. He was very keen to reach the dream, too. But suspended by his parents, when he was young, Frank didn't detect the joy of live as Homer it saw.

Homer was one of them, who make the "American Dream" come true only with dreaming and without greed. You could be a thorn in the eyes of all of the hard working peole, who want to reach her dreams, but not reach them.

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