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Land of the Jockeys

Alle Jockey: Freaks, freaks, freaks!
We are the jockeys, jockeys are we.
We live underground in a fiberglas tree.
Jockey 1: Hah!
Jockey 2: Ooo!
Jockey 3: Haha!
between Earth and Hell, we reign supreme
Jockey 4: on toadstool thrones by a chocolate stream.

Jockey 5: But all is not well in Jockey Town.
Jockey 6: Your renegade horse is making us frown.
Homer, gesprochen: What do you want me to do?
Jockey 7: Your horse must lose.
Homer, gesprochen: My horse must lose?
Jockey 7: No win!
Jockey 8: No show!
Jockey 3: No place!
Jockey 4: Just lose the stinkin' race.
Homer, gesprochen: And what if I refuse to lose?
Jockey 7: We'll eat your brain.
Homer, gesungen: My horse must lose!

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